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About this piece


40 x 90 cm.

15,74 x 35,43 inches


“Mist” is a painting in the series “Dusk and Dawn” consisting of four paintings: “Dusk”, “Dawn”, “Mist” and “Afterglow”. The series can be put together, but each painting also works beautifully on its own.

“Dusk” and “Afterglow” are in shades of blue and purple. “Dawn” is in Naples yellow red and green, and “Mist” is kept in sharp contrast between dark green and light cerullean blue.


Inspired by Christianshavns bastioned fortification ring around Copenhagen. A misty morning in Copenhagen.

Written about the painting (online painting community):

Absolutly amazing..

Beautiful area of your city.

Peaceful feeling,

Stunning piece of art.

The path draws you right in..

Serene and beautiful

Amazing..like looking out a window.

That is a path I would take.

Captured, breathtaking.

That is absolutly gorgeous! It makes me wish I was sitting there, looking out at the water. It gives such a peaceful feeling.


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