About this piece


40 x 90 cm.

15,74 x 35,43 inches.

Dusk is a painting in the series “Dusk and Dawn” consisting of four paintings: Dusk, Dawn, Mist and Afterglow. The series can be put together, but each painting also works beautifully on its own.

“Dusk” and “Afterglow” are in shades of blue and purple, “Dawn” is in Naples yellow red and green, and “Mist” is kept in sharp contrast between dark olive green and light cerullean blue.


A painting inspired by Scotland, with its beautiful lochs  and mountains. The fascinating difference between the dramatic sky and the calm and idyllic loch,  makes it a piece of art, that you´ll never get tired of looking at.

Written about the painting (online painting community/ Oil painting):

Beautiful as always.

Your paintings are marvelous..

Great depth. What a sky…

Love, Love, love this. Composition, clouds – size.

Wish I owned this.


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