Two weeks..

Two weeks..

Good morning, Good afternoon or Good evening wherever you are. It’s been two weeks with my web gallery and shop open, and I want to tell you about the grand opening. Now I could choose to do it the danish/english way, and play it completely cool and show a lot of self confidence, like “Of course Im great, and of course it went well, and of course people buy my paintings” 🙂 but I´ll choose the asian style; so imagine me bowing: “Thank you so much, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU”,  I´m so proud and so extremely happy. Thank you to all the people that have shown attention, written to me, complimented and shared my paintings and news. And of course, thank you to those that have bought my paintings. It’s an honour and so cool to know that my works are out there 🙂 you have given me mental and financial support to be able to continue painting the way I do. Thank you. 

Two of my buyers wrote to me instead of ordering the paintings on the shop, and some choose to come visit me and see the paintings “live”, this is such a fine way to make sure that the painting is the way you want it, so just write to me if there’s anything I can do, show or explain (it’s also nice for me to see where “my babies” are going 🙂 )

Have a nice week, i´ll be back soon..

lots of love,