Two weeks..

Good morning, Good afternoon or Good evening wherever you are. It’s been two weeks with my web gallery and shop open, and I want to tell you about the grand opening. Now I could choose to do it the danish/english way, and play it completely cool and show a lot of self confidence, like “Of …

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Here we go..

The page should now be up and running, but since it is all new, we beg that you bear with us, for whatever errors and omissions that may come, and please write if anything if difficult or missing, then we will fix it. Siden skulle nu være oppe og køre, men da det hele er …

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Welcome to my new webshop

Hello, 안녕하세요,你好, Hola, Bonjour, Olá,こんにちは, أهلا and to the rest of the world “Hej” from beautiful Copenhagen, where I live and work. This blog will be my way of inviting you in, and showing you my everyday painting life. Stories about the paintings and the thoughts and feelings that lie behind.  Like Renoir, I mainly …

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